what can I do?

  • CAD

    SolidWorks. Appx. six years using SolidWorks experience for conception, design and dimensioning of prototypes and production elements.

    Rhino. Experience for product design

    CATIA. Brief experience using CATIA as a product design tool.

  • Visualization

    Cinema 4D from Maxon. Proficient at using Cinema4D a both a concept, product design and visualization tool.

  • Adobe Creative Suite

    Daily working experience since 2006. I usually combine Illustrator and Photoshop in my workflow, use InDesign for presentation and printed material and Muse for webdesign. Adobe Edge Animate is a great tool to create animated and interactive web content.

  • Mockups & modelling

    Daily work experience using different materials and technologies to construct mock-ups and models as part of the project evolution.

  • Sketching & rendering

    Freehand sketching and rendering is a natural part of my workflow. I use Illustrator and Photoshop to  render freehand sketches.

  • Project management

    From my time in the Defense Logistics Organization and iart interactive I have experience as a project manager of complex and multifaceted projects, mostly with cross cultural customer relationships.

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