what can I do for you?

  • design advice

    Good design discussions are initiated by an idea, an identified need or observations of your surroundings that you think can be improved. If  you think you have an idea that should be explored further get in touch and we will put the idea to the test!

    A good design process begins by thinking holistically about how these thoughts can be manifested visually or physically in a way that achieves your desired end state.

    I will guide you through items central to product development, such as user needs, functionality, materials, prototyping and presentation.

  • ideation

    I will help you get all your ideas up on a wall to put things in order and help you focus on what is really important to you and your customers. Ideation is similar to what is commonly referred to as brainstorming. We will identify the core of your ideas to get a clear picture of the challenge at hand and determine a course to proceed.

  • concept development

    In the end you will only need one winning concept, but we need to explore possible concepts before deciding on which direction to proceed. Developing concepts come in the form of sketching ideas, which is helpful in the thought process to get a picture of how we think about a problem, and visualizing possible solutions in the form of rendered solutions. Renderings can be on paper, digitally enhanced drawings or animations. Such visualizations are only means to an end, the real goal is to gain confidence in that the chosen course is the right one.

  • prototyping

    Making prototypes gets you one step closer to the final product but is more a simulation exercise than anything else. You get to experience through your most critical sensors, namely your senses, how the product behaves in the real world. Proper adjustments can be done after sufficient testing has given you the valuable input you need. Prototyping is a process of stripping down your product to the bare necessities of what it should be in the end.

  • product photography

    Do you need high quality pictures of your product or prototype I have experience setting up a photo studio and shooting pictures through work and for other clients. Let me guide you through this fun and exciting process. Be it print or digital, I will make sure you have some great presentation material.

  • web design

    I design web pages using Adobe Muse. This let's me get a web site set up really fast, with inviting content, widgets and interactivity that let's you look your best.

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