who am I?

I am an industrial designer with a big heart for the outdoors and public transportation. I used to be an air force navigator in Norway but decided that if I am going to have an impact on my everyday surroundings I needed to point my life in a new direction. Design for me used to be something mystical and intangible, until I realized how present and important it is in everyday life. I rely on  curious eyes and a strong practical sense to solve problems in a meaningful way. I always strive to make the elements that make up the final design adhere to the law of beauty, when nothing is left to be added or subtracted. I am a functionalist, I like it when things just work, like they were supposed to. Users are just as easy to disappoint as they are hard to please. That is the challenge before me.


storsirkel industridesign | alexander bjercke schybergson | abs@storsirkel.no | +4796016950