where did I go to school?

  • Industrial design @FHNW

    Fachhochschule Nordwestschweitz (Aarau, Switzerland)

    2008 – 2010

    Graduated bachelor of Industrial Design summer 2010.

  • Industrial design @ AHO

    Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Oslo, Norway)

    2006 – 2008

    Joined AHO’s master program to become an industrial designer

    I left the Master program after the second school year to join my wife in her career move to her company’s Basel, Switzerland, offices. Continued my education with FHNW in Aarau.

  • Higher level military college @ Royal Norwegian Naval Academy

    Naval academy, second department (Bergen, Norway)

    2001 – 2003

    An academic education that approximates a two years master program in military affairs.

  • Navigator training @ USN and USAF

    Basic and advanced navigation training in the US Navy (Pensacola, Florida) and the US Air Force (San Antonio, Texas)

    1996 –1997

    Flight and navigation training to become a naval flight officer.

  • Lower level military college @ Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy

    Air Force Academy, first department (Trondheim, Norway)


    An academic program that, together with the preceding junior officer school, flight selection school and subsequent specialization training, approximates a bachelor in military affairs.

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