storsirkel what?

storsirkel industridesign was set up in May 2013 after moving back from Switzerland as a freelance design company. I put my good skills to use in all areas of industrial design, product design, interaction design, graphical design, web design and CAD. With my background as an aircraft navigator and industrial designer I have worked with all kinds of customers, large and small, across borders with different cultures. I seek challenging projects but strive to concept simple solutions.


The logo of my company is an abstraction of two thumbs gripping a sphere. I believe the hand to be the best design sensor there is; if the hand says no, it's a no go.

In case you are find a meaning behind the geometry the two elliptical paths are parts of a great circle path, which is the shortest distance between two points on the surface of a sphere, a little nod to my career as navigator.

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